Tuscan Topping For Decoration Garden

Aug 23rd

Tuscan Topping – The Tuscan garden contemplates several parameters that I have in mind when designing a garden to achieve sustainable environments. Such as water saving and reduced maintenance. The Tuscan garden has a combination of the Renaissance style garden and the peasant style. They are generally in high sectors, surrounding by countryside. Hills with vineyards or productive trees, with wonderful views from where you can observe the plantations that are integrate with the natural landscape that see in the distance.

Tuscan Topping Types
Tuscan Topping Types
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In general, it is a rustic style, simple and of course, but with elegant lines that stylize the design. The tuscan topping is widely using in the Tuscan garden. It is using on the ground to form terraces, can go well together, or more apart. The three cover the earth very well and deliver colorful in their flowers. Try to use stones of similar tones to the facade. The slab stone is ideal to form designs of terraces because it is quite flat. Anyway, I always recommend using those that exist at the project site.

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Tuscan topping gravel is my favorite, it works as a decorative cover. In any area of the Tuscan garden in a similar way as in the Mediterranean garden. When you use it, you will see that it enhances the leaves of plants and their volumes, moreover, it almost needs no maintenance, perhaps, only to fill some parts if it sinks too much with the passage of time.

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