Tips to Clean Glasses of Bathroom with Natural Cleaner

Aug 17th

When you just thinking that clean the glasses of bathroom with synthetic cleaning it is not true, because you can try the natural cleaner to avoid hazardous. This post will lead you to use natural cleaner and it is very easy to be done. You just need to be smart to try this tips, to prevent harmful for your children. With natural cleaner you will get healthy solution for your bathroom environment without any worried.

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To clean glasses of bathroom you can use lemon with another stuffs and tools such as, distilled white vinegar mixture, Baking Soda, Scouring Pad, spray bottle, and water. Let’s follow the instruction below.
1. Place the scouring pad then pouring a teaspoon of baking soda on it. Spread it to the surface of the glasses bathroom.
2. Clean the surface with scouring pad in gently.
3. Blend one part of vinegar with three glass of water then spray the blended to the glasses surface.
4. Cut the lemon and squeeze it to the scouring pad and apply it to the surface of the glasses bathroom in circular motion.
5. Rinse the glasses bathroom to fade the foam.

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With using natural cleaner to clean the glasses of bathroom, you will get nature scent of lemon. Now you can try this tips to be applied at your bathroom as well. If you like this post you can leave a message or share it with your friends.