The Fabulous Ways to build Beautiful Home Water and Backyard

Jul 15th

Have you think to get beautiful home water and backyard? You can achieve it with build in DIY because it is very easy to be done. You will achieve beauty landscape, soothing sound of water, especially beauty and friendly look with plants and wildlife of animals with building waterfall. It can be built in various sizes with decorative rock structure on it and on pond. The important element of waterfall is about the stream of water fall to the pond with re-circulating by the pump.

Agreeable Home Design

There are some ways that can be followed to build beautiful water home and backyard or waterfall in backyard. Follow the instruction in gently to get best and perfect landscaping of waterfall.
1. Decide the area to be frame for your waterfall. It will be better for you to make the frame near your patio and it close to the electrical source to easy operate the pump.
2. Use pond liner to make shape as you prefer for the pond shape and size, it is recommended to use flexible liner to ease custom the shape.
3. Dig hole on the ground at least 18 inches deep to be place of pond liner.
4. Tamping on the ground of the hole uses sand, cardboard, newspaper to cushion the liner.
5. Install the liner on cushioned, lay it on the channel water will fall. Adhere the liner uses large rock to hold it.
6. Décor the liner area with stones and river rock, it can be in vertical or as you desired.
7. Build the waterfall stand above the pond and décor it with animal miniature and attach some climbing plants on it.
8. Now install tubing to accommodate the water to attach to the pump. Install the pump in the receiving pond. Now run then tubing from the outside of the water to the end under the rock of the beginning of the fall. Fill the pond with the water and turn in the pump, hide the tubing by burying it. Add water lily flowers to add nature and beauty.

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Enjoy your beautiful home water and backyard. You can enjoy valuable moment with your family in new atmosphere and new look at your back yard. Those are the fabulous way to help you build water home backyard. If you like this post, please share it with your friends and leave a comment.

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