Perfect Tuscan Pottery Ideas

Jul 6th

Tuscan pottery begins with a simple piece of clay generated by a master craftsman. Manually or with a plaster cast the applicator models: handles, python and any other type of application. These will  glue to the model object. But only when this will have lost enough moisture and therefore will be easy to handle. When the applications also glue, the work has to be completely dry to process to the next stage.

Wonderful Tuscan Pottery
Wonderful Tuscan Pottery
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The work Tuscan pottery is submerge in a mixture of white ground liquid. This process allows covering the red color (the natural color) of the terracotta. So you can decorate the piece more simply.  Now, put the object outdoors for natural drying and when this will be dry, it will take on a white / grayish color.

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Tuscan pottery, this stage, easily described, represents an important part of the inter process. Because in the next cooking the glaze will united with the colors. Determine the tone of the colors themselves, the structure of the glaze and the quality of the work. The painter can paint the work by freehand or use a kind of template called “Spolvero”, which serves to give a clue to the decoration. The painter has to know very well the complexity of the coloration because all the colors used are, in origin, opaque. The true and bright colors will appear only after cooking.

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