How To Mounting Cubicle Whiteboard

Jul 23rd

How To Mounting Cubicle Whiteboard – This very simple mounting system to hang cubicle whiteboard, this mounting system is of course included with the whiteboard! The set is in a separate box, stuck in the big box where the whiteboard is in and consists of 4 anchors with 4 screws, 4 whiteboard holders and a drawing road map.

Two Cubicle Whiteboard
Two Cubicle Whiteboard

A cubicle whiteboard hang up begins with the bottom of the board. May not sound logical but in practice this is the most simple. For good measure the pencil, spirit level and tape measure or measuring tape and measure the distance that you want to hang the sign and mark the place where you want to drill.

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Next steps mounting cubicle whiteboard make sure that both screws flush out differently your plate really crooked. Once you have signed off, you can start drilling. Are you going to hang your whiteboard on beside computer, make sure that you are as far as possible in the board joints and the drill holes paste (painters) tape? Thus, the probability is the smallest it will tear your cubicle. Once the holes are drilled stop the dowels and screw the whiteboard holders in the cubicle. Use the whiteboard and place it in the lower brackets. Remove the plate from the wall and drill the holes. Place down the dowels and screw the whiteboard holders. Make sure the whiteboard holders bottom of the hole to put fixed. Place the whiteboard between 4 whiteboard holders. Notice that the upper brackets connecting not entirely on board. This was necessary because otherwise you could not place the board. Your cubicle whiteboard is ready to use!

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