Make a Cubicle Shelf at the Wall

Nov 21st

Cubicle shelf – Begin to plan cubicle shelf placement. Mark on the wall where shelves will be placed. Cut the brackets which in this case are shelf lists on 8 X 21 mm. The lists must be as long as the shelf is deep. Drill a 3.5 mm hole to 50 mm from the edge on both sides of the shelf list. Fit the bottom shelf first. Tighten one of the ledges. Make sure it is level. Unscrew the list and drill holes to plug. Finally, turn the list into place. Continue to assemble the other shelves in the same manner.

Top Cubicle Shelf
Top Cubicle Shelf
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Cut the cardboard to fit into the recess. Start with the bottom cubicle shelf, consider that the shelves width can have different sizes on the wall is somewhat uneven. Add cardboard model of ply-wooden on the fine side if you cut with a bur and the ugly side down if using a circular saw or jigsaw-blade. Joiner any shelf to so that it fits into. Brackets on the other side are the easiest to assemble by allowing the shelf to rest on the first page. Use a spirit level that the shelf is straight.

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Screw the second shelf bracket in the same manner. Saw a finishing piece is as long as the gap between where the bins should be, but reduce the booth with the width of the cubicle shelf list. Continue in the same manner for the remaining shelves. Cut the edge list, glue and nail it in place with list-nail. Sand with fine sandpaper and treat the wood with oil or varnish if desired.

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