Feng Shui Cubicle Solutions

Jul 31st

Cubicle solutions – here is a solution to a cubicle with predetermined desk location. In THE CASE, you are to be force to sit with your back to the door because of most cabinet configurations and cubicle desk. This means that you are in the worst desk location and not being able to see everyone who enters the work area, if you are at your desk. In addition, sensitive information, you can work on are as vulnerable as you are.

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For cubicle solutions, if possible place a lamp floor on either side of the entrance to your cubicle. If this is not possible, consider adding a small pedestal table with a table lamp. Place a plant on either side of the entrance to your cubicle. Adding a water feature to a cubicle is tricky because you need to know the overall feng shui questions of the entire building, as well as your area of the building.

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Whichever school feng shui you exercise. If you follow these cubicle solutions, you should find that your work is as productive and enjoyable as it would be in a closed office. So, happy tray these cubicle solutions. Its will make your cubicle more comforter. Also you will always feel spirit for any job.

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