Decorating Your Cubicle Dividers

Jul 30th

Cubicle dividers – In this day and age, you would be lucky if you had your own office at your workplace. Unless you work in your home, or you are a senior executive, you would have to settle for cubicle dividers. Working in a cubicle does not mean you have to be satisfied with an ordinary and dull looking work space. If you have an office, then good for you. You have several options for decorating, furnishing and remodeling your office.

White Cubicle Dividers
White Cubicle Dividers
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A cubicle divider is a smaller room, but do not feel limited by the options you have for decorating. Use shapes or small toys. You can place small porcelain or glass figurines on top of your screen. If you are a fan of models or toys, you can also use these. If your cubicle mates do not mind, you can place them on top of the cubicle dividers, so that both you and the owner of the adjacent cubicles can enjoy the decor. Hang curtains on your cubicle wall. Enclosure walls are often padded wood with a fabric covering. You can use push pins to hang a decorative drapes or fabric on your cubicle wall, which can add some highlights to an otherwise ordinary-looking wall. Use small plants. A cabin does not have much space, but you can still practice your green thumb.

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You can place the bonsai on top of your file cabinet, as it is usually a wide surface anyway. You can also get a fortune plant. These are living plants that require very little care (just change the water every week or so). Pin photos or knock knacks on the cubicle dividers wall. Another way to decorate your cubicle is about to snap photos or small paintings on the cubicle dividers wall.

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