Decorate Cubicle Office

Aug 3rd

Decorate cubicle-When decorating your cubicle for the holidays, remember that the area is a place of work within a company. Do not go overboard with full-size trees and other large decorations. Put up small desktop trees, about one or two meters high, and add a small set of lights. Next, put a Santa hat on your computer screen and puts a sock or two to your cabinet walls. To finish the decorations, fill a jar with candy to give to visitors to your booth.

Decorating a Cubicle Review
Decorating a Cubicle Review
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Decorate cubicle office with photos; one or two plants and tranquil waterfalls are just a few simple things you can add to your booth. Do not go overboard with the pictures; place some images that are in good taste. Do not show the photo of you to drink in the bar Saturday night. Plants should be small and should not block any walkways. A small waterfall is both peaceful and inviting, but make sure it is not too high or it will interfere with your employees.

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Office cabinets are usually dry and clean. Most people do not decorate their workspace with the exception of a few pictures and a few work-related items such as calendars and memo pads. Your box need not be dull; by adding just a few tasteful items, decorate cubicle it may be a reflection of your personality. Remember that space is a work in a company and not you’re home office or a room in your house.

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