Cubicle Etiquette Cabinet Ideas

Jul 28th

Cubicle etiquette – More and more companies to save space and move the employees in cubicles. A cubicle is a small area that used to work surrounded by temporary walls. Companies usually place more cabinets in open areas of his office to get more employees in a small area and save on office space. Since normally only managers get offices, companies are moving to smaller office space and save money on rent. If you are stuck in a cabinet, there are several things that you should try to do to keep peace with your neighbors.

Perfect Cubicle Etiquette
Perfect Cubicle Etiquette
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The walls of the booths are usually only five to six feet high, with open ceilings and no doors. This means that the sound can and will travel over the cubicle etiquette walls. Try not to listen if you can help it. Your neighbor may have a discussion with a coworker that you can hear. The key is to do what you can to mind your own business and not get involved in the discussion. If you enter a conversation, uninvited, your neighbor that you would listen and perhaps do not appreciate it.

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Canceling your employees is usually not a good idea, but some people seem to think that the normal rules do not apply in a cabinet set-up. The cabinet is an employee’s office and the borders should be treated as such. Pretend there is a door in each booth and respect it. Tap the cabinet and wait for an invitation to come in instead of going in. Do not try, just because you can see her getting your employees attention if she is on the phone or think about a problem. Let her as much privacy as working in cubicle etiquette allows.

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