Creating Cubicle Curtain

Jul 22nd

Cubicle curtain are an economical alternative to achieve visual privacy in a public place. They are most often used in emergency rooms and are effective in other clinical settings. Some clothing stores are also using cubicle curtain in their dressing room. Box curtains define the area and protecting their passengers from the sight of others. They do not sound privacy because the call can be heard clearly through the curtains.

Hospital Cubicle Curtain
Hospital Cubicle Curtain
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Instructions: Sketch a chalk line on the floor in the position you want the cubicle curtain hanging. Measure the chalk line from the starting point, around the curve and at the end of the second row. Assistance may be needed to keep the tape measure to the curve of the corner. If your curtain will constitute only a wall simply measuring line from beginning to end. This is the total track measurement.  Double track measurement. This is the booth curtain width tracking will require. Recover pinstripe on the roof. Standing on a ladder with a plumb string. Position one end of the cord to the ceiling. Let solder hang free. Move the string on the roof until the solder is over the line. Mark the position of the roof. Move about two feet and repeat until the length of the line is highlighted. Count the collars on the curtain. Mount the track and mount them along the roof line, after the packaging directions. Place a curtain grommet on each hook.

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