Bedroom Doors Ideas

Aug 16th

Bedroom doors-Sometimes a bedroom door is forgotten when it comes to interior design. It is a utilitarian part of a room, but it can also be a blank canvas for all kinds of decoration. When you put together a children’s room, remember the door. Whether you turn it into an organizing tool or use it as a base for unique painting techniques, can improve room. Use the back of your child’s bedroom or closet door for storage. An over-the-door pocket shoe holder is the perfect size to organize art supplies, school supplies, and jewelry or hair accessories. Screw some hooks along the back of the Bedroom doors and whip up a few strokes net bags of fun fabrics to keep these toys that have lots of pieces.

Bedroom Doors with Windows
Bedroom Doors with Windows
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Customize your child’s bedroom door with a special paint job. If you are the artistic type, try painting his name on top, or paint some wooden letters and screw them in place. Another fun idea is to put a child-level peephole in the door. Hang an empty frame around it to make it even more special. Experiment with special colors. Turn your child’s door to a message center with the blackboard or whiteboard paint. You can also find paint to the door magnetic, ideal for an ever-changing display of artwork.

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